Biggest IT Challenges for Entrepreneurs

Understanding the roadblocks ahead will help you better manage your technology needs.(


This article explains the importance of the technology in our company that is a valuable tool for companies trying to streamline their business and increase productivity and efficiency. However, the author highlights that, even though these can be reached with the help of the technology, technology does not do all of these things easily, it is multifaceted, complex and always improving. That’s why he advices companies that, before they try to implement any innovation make sure to prepare detailed technology plan like a business plan. And when it comes to managing company’s technology there are couple of challenges facing companies nowadays. These are: lack of education about technology options, an inability to prioritize which technologies are most important at what time, how to go about integrating technology into your business and, finally, how to protect it. And I will focus on lack of education and inability to prioritize.

Lack of education is one of the most important things while implementing technology. Because people do not have information about what is going on about technology, they might not be able to choose the best solution for their plan. The author gives a web site example: Having a normal web site is really easy and inevitable task for every single company, however if a competitor has really functional web site, which increase the productivity and customer satisfaction, then you need to add new features to web site in order to catch or head them off. Thus, in order to educate ourselves the author leads us to pay attention to the following points: reading technology sections of small-business-focused magazines, keeping in touch with local technology advisor, taking the advantage of technology seminars.

Because the company generally have a limited amount of time and money to implement the new technology that we need, it is really important to have a technology plan in place to prioritize what technology you decide to implement and when. In every case, when you are trying to implement a new technology, you will always encounter new things either from inside the company or outside the company. Therefore we won’t be able to focus on our aim, what is more, we may lose our path to implement the new technology and focus on another thing. If we have a technology plan we will plan our goals for near, mid-term long and long-term future.



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