Windows Touch

After learning the procedures in multi-touch application development, and have experience with C++ you will need more efficient and more capable programming languge support as your ideas about multi-touch applications developing. Because you will need more complicated stuff both for graphical user interface and programming concepts. Therefore WPF and C# will help you for these needs. You can easily design simple GUIs by using xaml and then add codes. Time saving ! So, now I’m going to give sources for you to know which place to start.

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I am writing the errors that you can encounter while working on developing Windows Touch applications. Cannot open include file: ‘scenicanimation.h': No such file or directory error is very basic error but there were not enough web page about that error. Therefore it is better to explain in here,

The solution is easy, because some samples in the pre-release versions of the Windows SDK referred to scenicanimation.h, but this file was renamed prior to release.  The RTM version of the Windows 7 SDK should refer to UIAnimation.h instead of scenicanimation.h. Thus in your sample code, just change the #include <scenicanimation.h> with #include <UIAnimation.h>

If you are started developing Windows Touch application, most probably the first error (if you successfully install the Windows Touch SDK, drivers, Visual Studio, … check it out from here) that you can encounter is the mt.exe error in Visual Studio.

If you are using Visual Studio 2010 and trying to compile Microsoft’s hand on labs from PDC available on MSDN Code Gallery you will see this error, because Visual Studio 2010 requires these codes to be converted to the appropriate version for 2010, therefore, while converting there might be some errors that we can’t track easily.

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After preparing our device for multi-touch programming, now it is time to discover structure and functions of the Windows Touch. I will provide many different links for developing multi touch programming.

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After downloading and installing all required programs for developing Windows Touch application now you need to prepare your device for multitouch functions by installing the appropriate driver.

If you are not sure whether or not your driver is installed successfully, you can open a paint and try to draw something at the sametime with your two fingers. Or open an internet explorer and try to zoom by moving two fingers apart and toward each other =)

With these two web sites, you can download the driver with respect to your device and install it easily. Continue reading

Windows Touch is one of the most significant feature in Windows 7. It becomes very popular trend in all technologic devices which are ‘touchable’. And Windows provides you to develop applications for Windows Touch, which provides users to have more tangible and vivid experience while using the applications.

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