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What have you
done so far ?

In DiscoverTwitter app's profile page, you can reach your own statistics. you can see how many tweet has been sent, how much follower you have, how many tweet you sent per day and more.
In addition, you will be able to access a new tweet view. In this view, you may send a new tweet or decide to go check his/her statistics on a colorful piechart..

Whom to

DiscoverTwitter have an amazing engineering team those do all the search work for you in the background. Our search algorithm will find and potential twitter users who have used the same hashtags or following the same users you do.
Recommendation view let you see to his/her potential twitter users as a delightful list. In the list, every user represented as a row in which there are profile picture, user name and description of the user. Also you can follow any of them by clicking the little blue plus button.

A little
more detail !

Before starting to follow, if you want a little more detail about the listed users, you can click the row and reach the listed user's personal information view. In this view, the you can see the listed user's follower-following counts also why he/she is recommended and the description of the user.
After having the detailed information about the listed user, you can follow the listed user or go back and keep looking for others from the list.


We are highly motivated three senior Computer Engineering students studying at Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey.


We have started working on this idea as our senior thesis project. At the moment, we are more likely to improve and publish the app in the market.


Koc University
Orhan Can Ceylan - oceylan {at} ku [dot] edu [dot] tr
Ali Dogan - alidogan {at} ku [dot] edu [dot] tr
Barbaros Gungor - bgungor {at} ku [dot] edu [dot] tr

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