Installing Appropriate Driver to Enable Multitouch Functionality

After downloading and installing all required programs for developing Windows Touch application now you need to prepare your device for multitouch functions by installing the appropriate driver.

If you are not sure whether or not your driver is installed successfully, you can open a paint and try to draw something at the sametime with your two fingers. Or open an internet explorer and try to zoom by moving two fingers apart and toward each other =)

With these two web sites, you can download the driver with respect to your device and install it easily.

What is more there is one project called Multi-Touch Vista, which also provides multi touch features. If you tried two web sites below and did not succeed, you can try this project via the following address:

And to install this project(because it is a little bit complicated and long) there is a video on youtube. Video is the older version of this project however you can follow the order of the executable files in this video and run it by your own. Because directories have changed but the files that are run in this video are all same. You can watch video from this link:

After installing your driver, you can start to explore Windows Touch features !

Here are some other areas in Windows 7 that were enhanced with multi-touch features:

  • Panning with inertia is enabled “everywhere” where scrollbars exist.
  • Paint
    • Choose a brush from the “brush gallery” and you can then multi touch finger paint.
  • Games
    • Hearts/Solitaire have been optimized for touch
  • Shell
    • Windows Snapping (Aero Snap) with Touch
    • Aero Peek with Touch
    • Taskbar Jump Lists with Increased spacing
  • Windows Media Player
  • Windows Photo Viewer
    • Zoom, Rotate, Panning and Flicks
  • XPS Viewer
    • Gestures (Zoom, Two-Finger Tap, Panning)
  • Media Center
    • Direct Panning in most Scrollable Views and Menus
  • Touch Keyboard / TIP
    • Multi-touch touch keyboard
  • Internet Explorer 8
    • Panning
    • Drag Menu (Address Bar) with Increased Spacing
    • Increased Spacing for Favorites with Touch
    • Gesture (Zoom, Panning, Flicks back and forth)
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery
    • Gesture support in the Viewer

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