Multi-touch application development with WPF and C#

After learning the procedures in multi-touch application development, and have experience with C++ you will need more efficient and more capable programming languge support as your ideas about multi-touch applications developing. Because you will need more complicated stuff both for graphical user interface and programming concepts. Therefore WPF and C# will help you for these needs. You can easily design simple GUIs by using xaml and then add codes. Time saving ! So, now I’m going to give sources for you to know which place to start.

Firstly, before starting multi-touch programming, you need to have an idea about WPF and xaml, therefore I strongly advise you to have this book Pro WPF in C# 2010. This book really explains every details about WPF and xaml with C# and also it has a chapter about multi-touch too. By using this book, you should also download the source codes and examples from the publisher’s web site.

After checking the book, you can look these web sites too:

And then if you are ready to write some code, just wait and have a look at these web sites, which contain sample wpf applications. It will be very beneficial you to look sample codes, before programming ;)

And finally, this web site really explains basics of wpf and multi-touch programming, and gives source code about multi-touch applications.

Good luck.

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