Multi-touch Programming

After preparing our device for multi-touch programming, now it is time to discover structure and functions of the Windows Touch. I will provide many different links for developing multi touch programming.

  • The first web site is of course Microsft’s web site, it firstly gives a quick overview about Windows Touch, and then gives detailed information about what you can do with Windows Touch, how you can develop or how can you improve your applications’ usability by inserting multi-touch functions. It also writes common errors while developing multi-touch applications, anyway, you should really learn everything in this web site before starting to programming.
  • If you are not that much ‘reader’ person, you can also watch this useful video, which is about multi-touch API’s introduced in Windows 7 and WPF 4.0 comes from PDC session by Reed Townsend and Anson Tsao...
  • After finishing the information part, now it’s time for coding ! But I give one more advice for you =) before start to code, you should check out some code samples from hand on labs from PDC available on MSDN Code Gallery. Most of the code samples use C++, while tasks are getting more complicated it also uses C# too. I strongly recommend you to try these codes before starting your own project, because it higlightes main features of windows touch and gives useful code examples.
  • More information in multi-touch and related technology can be found in the great NUI Group Forum.

If you really study on these links, developing a Windows Touch application will be much easier =)

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