android emulator

Even though that is a really easy task, everyone get confused becase there are lots of different things are said on the internet. I’m assuming that you’ve already downloaded and installed Android SDK’s.

So firstly to start your emulator:

Go to the folder -> android-sdks -> tools

And run this command ./android

Now you’ll have just started Android SDK Manager, now from the top menu click Tools -> Manage AVDs. You can see your android devices, add, delete or edit devices. Click on the device that you want to start and click “Start”

To test that this emulator is active now go to the folder -> android-sdks -> platform-tools

And run this command ./adb devices

It will show that:

List of devices attached

Now you’re ready to install your .apk file into your Android Emulator

Run this command and you’re ready to test your application !

./adb install “YOUR APPLICATION.apk”