Time to Quit?

It’s not about starting over–it’s about empowering yourself to keep going.


In contras to the most of the articles, the article that I have found explains the positive sides of thinking whether it is time to quit or not. The author says that every entrepreneur challenges that make him question about quitting, trying new ideas or alternative career. Even though entrepreneur plans everything in his business there are always unpredictable things that my come up. And entrepreneur needs to be prepared for this kind of situations.

As entrepreneur processing his ideas in business, he will increase his experience and knowledge. Either negative or positive every experience that an entrepreneur gains will be the most important thing which will guide him to decide which way is best for him. And the author underlines that, even the negative results will open new unique opportunities. The author says that, entrepreneur should promise himself that he will only quit when the time is right. This frees entrepreneur so he can pursue all possible solutions. The author also says that, only an entrepreneur can block himself, the other obstacles only compel the entrepreneur but they help entrepreneur to gain experience. In these kinds of situations, by seeking solutions entrepreneurs gain energy and create distinctive methods for obtaining even greater success.

The author considers the entrepreneurs as an expert at testing new ideas and seeking them through to the end. They should view their business as an experiment, therefore every single attempt will add new knowledge and experience on the entrepreneur. Therefore, the author suggests entrepreneurs to fire their enterprising spirit and find new solutions to the current business instead of quitting.

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