Top 10 Party Activities

Bugün eğlenceli bir parti nasıl olmalıdır diye araştırma yaparken buradaki enteresan şeylere rastladım ve ilerde tekrar aramamak için siteyede eklemeye karar verdim =

1. Suck And Blow
Make everyone sit in a circle going male, female, etc. Get a playing card (normal sized).

Put the card on your lips, the flat side not the edge, and suck in air so it sticks to your lips. Then pass to the person next to you. They have to suck the card onto their lips and pass to the next person. Continue the game around the whole circle. If you drop the card, you’ll most likely kiss the person next to you. Go until you make 3 consecutive misses in a row. The last 2 people who drop it must do a forfeit.

2. Name That Pop Star
Get a dish and put in some names of pop stars on pieces of paper. Ask your guests to take it in turns to pick one out and then to sing a verse of one of their songs. The other guest must try to guess the pop star.

3. Charades
Sit in a circle and whisper to the player on your left the name of a film, book, or song. The player must then step into the circle and mime it for everyone to guess.

4. Green Glass Door
All you do is try to figure out what’s behind the green glass door. See how in the name of the game every word has a double letter? Well the other people have to figure that out but they cannot shout it out or else the game is over.

5. Who Knows Susie Best
Make up a whole bunch of questions about the Birthday boy or girl, or anyone you like. Divide the guests into teams. Each team has markers and paper for their answers. The winners are the team with the most correct answers.

6. Scavenger Photo Hunt
You can have clues of what the players have to hunt for and they have to take a picture to prove it (digital is best).

7. Mad Ball
Find as many balls as you can – the more the better. Any ball will do. Map out a rough area using anything you want for 4 corner flags. At the half way line, place the balls in a line across the area. On the whistle or word go, everybody must rush to the balls and do everything they can to get as many balls as possible back to their end of the area. Once the ball is touched down at their end, it goes out of play. When you get a ball back you can go back for more. When all the balls are out of play, the whistle is blown, and the winning team is the one with most balls.

8. Draw Your Dream Date
Have your guests sit down with a pad of paper each, and a pen or pencil. Ask them all to put the pad on top of their head, and tell them to begin drawing their dream date by making a circle for the head. They now have to put their hand down and then tell them to draw a line from the circle for the dream date’s body. The guest with the best looking dream date wins.

9. Angels and Detectives
First select a narrator. The narrator asks all of the other players sit in a circle and close their eyes. She/he then taps three random people on the head:

– once for murderer,
– twice for angel, and
– three times for detective.

He then tells everyone to go to sleep, or shut their eyes. The narrator now says “Murderer awaken.” The murderer opens their eyes. “Who would you like to kill?”. The murderer points to any person in the circle, and then closes his eyes.

Then the narrator says, “Angel, awaken – who would you like to save?” and the angel does the same thing, pointing to any person in the circle that he would like to save.

“Detective, awaken – who would you like to suspect?”.

Then everyone opens their eyes. If the murderer killed a person, that person is now announced to be dead and is not part of the next round. However, if the angel saved the person who the murderer was trying to kill, they are saved and are not killed. When the detective suspects the correct murderer, he wins the game, but not if the murderer can kill him first.

10. Kiss the Poster
Get a nice poster of your favorite pop star or celebrity. Then all the girls put different on lipsticks and take it in turns to be blindfolded. They must then kiss the poster. The person who kisses closest to the celebrity’s lips gets to take the poster home and wins a small prize!

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